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Same story, different degree

So, I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I’m back at university, this time pursuing the somewhat elusive advanced practice nursing degree. Clinical Nurse Specialist to be exact. I was attending a reputable onliine program, but when my local university extended their application deadline, I decided on a whim to apply there. I wasn’t happy with my current school, and while I can’t say this will be better, they do set up clinical placements, so there is less begging.


Previously on…

I was accepted to the online Master’s program and also started a new job at the wound clinic at my community hospital. I started classes in January , but after a single quarter, I became discouraged by the program’s lack of rigor. A local university happened to extend its application deadline, so after looking into their CNS program, I put together an application. I was accepted for Fall admission. Meanwhile, I am finishing up the quarter at my current school, working at our insanely busy clinic up to 50 hours a week, and struggling to figure out where the heck I should go from here.